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UV disinfection cart

UV Light Disinfection Cart

Go Beyond Clean

Clinical grade disinfection using the power of light
  • Proven, maintenance-free true UVC germicidal performance
  • On-demand operation to fit your needs and cleaning procedures
  • Verified Kill Rates up to 99.9%
  • Affordable, aerosol free disinfection solutions
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Manual UVC disinfectant cleaning machine

Designed to be operated by every-day cleaning staff
uv light disinfectant cart
  • Sanitize an entire room in about 10 minutes
  • Maximize disinfection by aligning anti-viral panels to
    any angled surface from 0-90° degrees
  • Easy maneuverability & wheel
    stability control
  • Effortlessly configured adjustable UVC panels
    to a maximum height of 7’ feet
  • lightweight frame makes
    pushing the cart a breeze
  • Protective shield safety blocks
    UVC rays from cleaning technician
  • 600 watts of disinfection power

Room Bacteria Killer

How close to the surface do the UVC lamps need to be to kill germs?

High intensities for a short period or low intensities for a long period
are fundamentally equal in lethal action on pathogens.

  • 6 inches = 3 seconds
  • 3 feet = 25-45 seconds
  • 6 feet = 2-3 minutes
  • 10 feet = 10-15 minutes
Calculations based on (1) 40W with the intensity of approximately 110-130 μw/cm2 at 3.3 feet distance for a dosage of 6.6-7.8 mJ/minute
Effortlessly adjust germ-zapping
panels to align to any table surface,
maximizing disinfection times.
push cart
casino cart
300 watt anti-viral panels
can be adjusted at any angle
To provide a superior sanitizing
effect on any surface.
Sterilizer™ panels can extend to a
height over 7’ feet too cover
tall aisle ways. Disinfect chemical
sensitive surfaces- safety & effectively.
grocery cart
gym cart
Neutralize the most dangerous
pathogens in seconds, including
MRSA, Infleunza, C.difficile

Does UV-C really work?
Seeing is believing

UVC dosimeter™ cards and stickers are industry standard tools used to scientifically verify if surfaces are getting enough UV-C exposure to kill your targeted pathogens. They are placed in the treated areas and use a photo-chromatic ink that changes color at various energy levels, which correlates with a log reduction of pathogens.

The UVC dosimeter™ test is offered as an optional test before a disinfection service begins. Our results are scientifically verified-backed with a no-risk guarantee.

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Germbuster’s UV-C bulbs have been independently tested that our fixtures kill up to
99.9% of the following pathogens at distances up to 9 feet.


The Corona family of viruses that includes the one that causes COVID-19 — can live on some of the surfaces you probably touch every day


Both influenza A and B viruses survived for 24-48 hr on hard, nonporous surfaces such as stainless steel and plastic


Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) can survive on some surfaces, like towels, razors, furniture, and athletic equipment for hours, days, or even weeks.

The Sterilizer™ can be used for
hospital-grade disinfection of surfaces in schools,
homes, commercial facilities, nursing homes,
hospitals, etc. Its adjustable 300 watts panels
can align to any surface providing a superior disinfection

sterilizer disinfection

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disinfectant UVC cart

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